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Big E On Black World Champions Becoming More Common – “Representation Does Matter”

Big E

WWE Champion Big E has given his thoughts on black world champions becoming more commonplace in wrestling.

Big E won the WWE Championship after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on Bobby Lashley on the September 13th episode of Raw. In the process he became the third black wrestler to hold the championship out of the last six title-holders, the other being his New Day teammate, Kofi Kingston.

On The Ringer Wrestling Show, Big E spoke about how glad he is that more black wrestlers are now becoming world champions.

“I’m glad it’s becoming more commonplace. For me, I love having these conversations, I think they’re important, but I think of it like the black quarterback discussion in the NFL that I feel like you don’t hear much of anymore because there are so many. That’s what I hope. I hope it becomes so common and we get so used to it that, ‘oh, of course, it’s just a dope wrestler who is black who has the World Championship.'”

He went on to discuss how representation matters, especially at the main event level.

“I love having these conversations and it’s still worth having because I think representation does matter and knowing the thought of black kids who want to be pro wrestlers and don’t look at WWE programming and think, ‘Oh, there are no black people doing this at a high level so maybe I’ll do something else.’ Knowing like, ‘there are a lot of people who look like me who do this.’ I think that’s awesome. It’s really cool.”

The multi-time tag team champion also explained that he loves how WWE aren’t just putting wrestlers in certain positions to fill quotas, but because they are “all just really dope and bring a lot to the table”.

The thing that I do love is when I look around, I don’t see black wrestlers who are put in positions merely because a quota needs to be filled. I look at the Sashas, Biancas, Bobby Lashleys, Kofis, Woods’, Keith Lees, and look around and say, ‘No, we’re all just really dope and bring a lot to the table.’ We’re all our own men, women, and we’re unique. Same thing as Street Profits when people wanted to compare them. No, they are not New Day. They are their own men and they are incredible at what they do. That’s what I love seeing. It’s a really good time, even outside the company, all the super talent black men and women who professional wrestling pays their bills.”

Big E’s business with Bobby Lashley seems to be far from over as the former champion made his presence known during a 6-man Tag match on Raw between the New Day and the Bloodline – Roman Reigns and the Usos. During the bout, Lashley attacked members of both teams, resulting in a triple threat match being made for later in the show between him, Big E, and Reigns. When Big E looked like he would win the battle after a Big Ending to the ‘Tribal Chief’, Lashley attacked him repeatedly with a chair. Reigns took the opportunity to spear the ‘All Mighty’ for the pinfall.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.