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Big E On Narrowly Escaping Stroke, Paralysis, Or Death

Big E

Following a doctor’s visit to address his neck injury, Big E opened up about how much worse his situation could have been.

Big E suffered a scary injury on the March 11th episode of SmackDown when he took a belly to belly suplex from Ridge Holland. Instead of flipping all of the way over and landing on his back, the New Day member landed on his head and neck.

The former WWE Champion wasn’t involved in the match again, as commentary mentioned that he was being tended to by medics. During the following commercial break, the star was taken out of the arena on a stretcher.

In a video shared on social media, the New Day star later confirmed that he had broken his neck, but later revealed the good news that he wouldn’t require surgery for the injury.

Big E posted another update on social media following his first doctor’s appointment after leaving the hospital, and he shared the sobering news that because of his C1 fracture, he narrowly escaped much worse consequences. He reflected on life feeling more precious after realizing how serious the situation could have been.

“Had my first doctor’s appointment and learning (because of the C1 fracture) I narrowly escaped a stroke, paralysis or death is very sobering. Life feels even more precious and valuable now.”

The former WWE Champion also recently opened up about his struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide, saying that he is now grateful to be happy and alive.

Everyone at Inside the Ropes continues to wish Big E well in his recovery from this injury.