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Big E Details What He Needs To Main Event WrestleMania

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WWE Intercontinental Champion, Big E, has orated what he believes he needs in order to secure a WrestleMania main event spot.

In recent weeks, the New Day member has been very outspoken about those returning stars and the NXT call-ups getting too much too soon from WWE creative, instead of stalwarts who have ground their way to the top receiving the spotlight first.

The former NXT Champion even stated that he doesn’t believe that WWE will allow him to win the Royal Rumble – or subsequent Elimination Chamber Matches – in order to battle Roman Reigns at Raymond James Stadium over the weekend of April 10 and April 11. Instead, his belief is that the company will turn to a part-timer in order to fill that spot.

Now, the talent has joined the cast of Busted Open Radio in order talk about what he needs in order to be considered for the top spot at WrestleMania 37. According to the former Big E. Langston, it isn’t a great push or faith from anyone backstage, but it’s the fans who have been missing since March 2020:

“In our business, the fans are the barometer. They tell you immediately if something is good or something is bad. So, I can go out all day and think, ‘Man, I’m killing it’, but if I’m in front of 10,000 people and it’s crickets, then what I’m doing doesn’t mean much. That’s kind of the biggest adjustment, is really try to determine how well is this working. It’s one thing to go on Twitter. As we all know, Twitter and that online feedback can be very different…”

However, the powerhouse may be out of luck as fans are not slated to return to the company until WrestleMania night – more than a year since they were last permitted to attend – with over 60,000 expected to flock to WrestleMania 37 over both nights.

Credit for the interview: Busted Open Radio

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.