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Big Damo Reflects On Sanity’s Run In WWE

Big Damo

Former WWE Superstar Big Damo has opened up about why the Sanity group didn’t work on the main roster and says it all came down to Vince McMahon.

Sanity proved a hit on the NXT roster with Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Nikki Cross (now A.S.H), Sawyer Fulton, and Damo – as Killian Dain comprising the group. Their popularity was rewarded on the black and gold brand when Young and Wolfe captured the NXT Tag Team Championship. But when the group was moved to the main roster of WWE without Cross, things didn’t pan out so well.

Speaking on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Big Damo discussed what went wrong and says Vince McMahon didn’t see the vision as he didn’t create the group:

“It’s simple, we weren’t created by Vince. It was something that was given to him, and originally he liked one of our promos, and then he watched the same promo two weeks later and didn’t like it. It comes down to if he sees the vision, then great, it works, and that happens sometimes.”

“He didn’t like that there was a girl in our group, so he got rid of Nikki. To be honest, Nikki was such an integral member of Sanity. By the time we got called up, we were babyfaces in NXT. We went the full journey to the point where people genuinely started liking us.”

Of the original group only Nikki A.S.H. continues to work with WWE. Eric Young returned to IMPACT Wrestling where Sawyer Fulton also works. Alexander Wolfe worked as part of Imperium in WWE and has since returned to his native Germany where he competes. Following his own WWE release Big Damo has been a hit back on the independent scene and recently debuted in AEW.

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