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Big Change For WWE Network In USA

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WWE and NBCUniversal have officially announced that the award-winning WWE Network will be moving to the Peacock streaming service in the United States of America only.

Beginning on March 18, 2021, Peacock Premium will be the new home of WWE Network for half the current price that subscribers pay now. For only $4.99 per month, subscribers will be access all WWE live events plus everything currently available on the streaming service, but will also receive the added incentive of full access to all of the premium tier which is included in the price.

The deal between WWE and NBCU is said to be a multi-year agreement worth more than one billon dollars according to The Wall Street Journal.

Now, the wrestling giant’s President and Chief Revenue Officer, Nick Khan, stated in a press release:

“We feel great about the financials. Otherwise we wouldn’t have done the deal. To have WrestleMania in particular — which is our Super Bowl — available [for no extra cost] on Peacock is quite different from other models you’re seeing.”

There was also a statement from Rick Cordella, Executive Vice President of Peacock who was enthusiastic about the new partnership between the companies:

“For Peacock, the WWE Network is a transformative addition. We have a lot of data that shows live events and sports drives a lot of user acquisition. The bet is that there exists a much larger total available audience [for WWE programming] than is on WWE Network today.”

The latest deal is an extension of the partnership between the two giants, who have been in a business relationship for close to three decades, and will also include special incentives for current and future subscribers with WWE set to produce at least one signature documentary annually for the streaming service.

While America will now have to change platform, nothing will change for subscribers outside the USA who will continue to access the service as normal.

Peacock launched in July 2020 and drew approximately twenty two million subscribers in its first six months. Currently, it airs over forty seven thousand hours of television shows such as The Office, Yellowstone and countless movies, documentaries and animation from the world’s leading production companies.