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Big Cass Discusses Crashing The G1 Supercard With Enzo Amore

Big Cass (W. Morrissey) Enzo Amore

Big Cass has recalled the crazy night he and Enzo Amore invaded Madison Square Garden at Ring of Honor and NJPW’s G1 Supercard show.

ROH and NJPW put on a joint show at Madison Square Garden on April 6th, 2019. This was the first time since 1960 that a wrestling event promoted by someone other than a McMahon had been held at the hallowed arena.

At the event, both IWGP and ROH Tag Team Titles were on the line in a ‘winner take all’ four-way tag team match. Competing in that match were The Briscoes, Los Ingobernables de Japon, PCO, and Brody King and the eventual winners, Guerillas Of Destiny. What happened after the match became more noteworthy than the match itself. Enzo and Cass jumped the ringside barrier and attacked The Briscoes.

Footage from the event shows some participants of the match leaving the area confused as to what was happening. Cass confirmed that other than Mark and Jay Briscoe, nobody else involved in the match knew what was about to happen.

In conversation with Chris Van Vliet, Cass explained:

“That was crazy and out of control. Nobody knew, so I couldn’t quite get Enzo to process. I said ‘there’s 8 guys in the match, we’re only taking on 2 of them after the match. There’s 6 other guys involved, very formidable wrestlers, that don’t know this is happening. We might get our asses handed to us by 8 people.'”

Big Cass then detailed what went into making their appearance such a closely guarded secret:

“[I was] super nervous, and when we went out there and did it, that felt amazing. There were 6 people in the world that knew about this, including me and Enzo. We got changed at a friend’s office a few blocks by, we walked over to the building and we sent the text to person x. They came down, got us, and put us in a room in the back. It was kind of helter-skelter too. We had to watch the screen and wait for our cue.”

Ultimately the appearance was a one-time thing. Reports at the time suggested the pair were set to have a match with The Briscoes later down the line. However, negative fan reaction put paid to that coming to fruition.

Cass stated that he thinks he knows why there was resentment towards him and Enzo:

“There was shock value, the heat we got I think came from guys not knowing. A lot of the time fans like to be smartened up as to what’s going on. There was resentment from some fans at least, they were like they got us. No matter what anyone says now, 20,000 people in that building and I don’t know how many people watching at home, not one person watching at that time thought Enzo and Cass are going to hop the guard rail. The heat transferred from us to the management because we were just doing what we were told.”

Big Cass also recalled the terrifying moment he suffered a seizure at a show in 2019.

Credit: Chris Van Vliet

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