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Biff Busick (Oney Lorcan) Recalls Being “Banned For Life” From WWE

Oney Lorcan

Former NXT Tag Team Champion Oney Lorcan detailed how his NXT career might never have begun after he was “banned for life” from WWE!

Well before he signed with WWE and became an NXT Tag Team Champion, the former Oney Lorcan ran into a paperwork problem at a WWE tryout that got him banned from the company. Speaking to “Smart” Mark Sterling on Wrestling Observer’s I Left My Wallet, Biff Busick recalled getting in trouble for getting in the ring without filling out the proper forms required by talent relations.

“I did get kicked out of WWE once, I think this was in New Hampshire. We used to have to sign in with talent relations to fill out our paperwork, to release liabilities, and that type of stuff. I was waiting outside the talent relations office, but the TR guy was Mark Carrano at the time, he wasn’t there. William Regal at that time was in charge of directions, and he goes I want everyone in the ring at two o’clock.

“For like warmups and stretches and s–t like that. No excuses. So I’m sweating cause I’m looking at my watch and it’s getting kind of close to two o’clock and the TR guy isn’t there, so I’m like screw it I’m going to go down to the ring, and hopefully, I can just do my paperwork after. So I get down to the ring and we start rolling around, getting matches together. I remember Carrano from talent relations comes down with Scott Armstrong and he goes ‘Hey, who hasn’t filled out their paperwork? And me and two other guys go, ‘oh we haven’t filled it out yet, ’cause we were waiting for you and you weren’t there.’”

Mark Carrano wasn’t pleased with this answer and kicked the future Oney Lorcan out of the ring along with the other men who hadn’t filled out their forms. Biff Busick was hoping to slip away unnoticed, but another man in the group talked back to the WWE executive, causing them to all be “banned for life.”

“He goes ‘did you guys get in the ring’? We go ‘yeah we’ve just been working around and we were going to come to see you after,’ He goes ‘go get your s–t and get the hell out of here.’ I think I’ve been in some hairy situations before, I’m just going to get my bag, slip out the back door, and hopefully, they forget about this and nothing will come of it. But this other guy was like ‘well why do we have to leave’?

“Talking back to him and I think oh s–t. He goes ‘what’s all your names’? I go oh no, and I had a split second where I was going to give him a fake name, but I end up giving him my name. He goes ‘alright you guys are banned for life and can never come back.’”

However, the lifetime ban didn’t last much more than a year, and Busick received a Christmas Eve phone call from none other than Fandango to reestablish contact with the company.

“It was about a year after that I end up getting a call, it was Christmas eve. No, maybe it was more than a year, I remember it was Christmas eve night my phone rings. It’s some number from Maine, I was like hello, and this kind of whisper voice is like ‘Hey, it’s Dango.’ I go what, Fandango from WWE, he goes ‘yeah WWE wants to give you a tryout Merry Christmas,’ and he hung up on me. That was my first contact with WWE since I was banned.”

WWE was indeed interested in the star, and Biff Busick signed with the company in September of 2015. After sporadic appearances under both the name Biff Busick and his real name of Christopher Girard, he took on the name Oney Lorcan in June 2016.

Oney Lorcan is best known for his NXT tag team with Danny Burch, and the two gained notoriety after facing the Undisputed Era in a heavily praised match at NXT TakeOver: Chicago in June of 2018.

The pair eventually won the NXT Tag Team Championships from Breezango due to assistance from Pat McAfee, who recruited the duo to join his Kings of NXT stable. However, the titles had to be vacated when Danny Burch suffered a shoulder injury and was unable to compete for a number of months.

Oney Lorcan was released from the WWE on November 4, 2021.

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