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Bianca Belair Reveals She Was Scouted By Mark Henry


The newest episode of ‘WWE Chronicle’ features Bianca Belair, in which she reveals how Mark Henry scouted her for her WWE tryouts.

The episode on the WWE Network revolves around Bianca and her journey to the main roster, focussing on her Royal Rumble debut and backstage interactions with Triple H.

Bianca reveals how she was first contacted by Mark Henry in response to a workout video she posted online. The World’s Strongest Man saw a CrossFIT video Belair had posted and actually commented on the post, which Belair didn’t believe at first.

There was video footage of all this stuff online. My sister-in-law texted me, she was just like, oh my god, your nephew just was going crazy right now because Mark Henry commented on your photo. I was like, that’s fake [laughs]. So I ignored it. Then he actually ended up DMing me, “I want to invite you out to one of our camps”.

Shortly after, Belair found herself at the WWE Performance Center for her tryout. The rest – as we now know – is history.

I was at the Performance Center, it was a tryout for people that want to be WWE wrestlers. He was just telling me, you know, when you see someone that has it, you just know. Have you ever thought of being a WWE wrestler? He’s like, okay, I can get you a tryout, but I can’t do anything else for you. I can’t get you hired, I can’t get them to like you, just go in there, wear your big bows and your tutu’s, do what you do and you know, that’s all I can do. You have to do the rest.

I went in there and left everything on the line. I was jumping as high as I could, I was hitting the rope as hard as I could, I was running as fast as I could, and at the end, everyone just started clapping. I wanted to be happy, but I knew with my luck, I was like, I’m not gonna get happy about this until I’m standing right here in this Performance Center.

After the highs of the tryout, Bianca was at home when she received a call from Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane) who gave her the offer to become a WWE Superstar.

I was sitting at home on my bed, I got the phone call and I was like, hello, and Kane was like, hey, just wanted to let you know like I have good news for you. You were one of our top picks for the tryout. We want to hire you we want you to be a WWE Superstar, and I was just like [covers scream of excitement and then calmly replies], great!

Bianca currently appears on SmackDown where she has been feuding with Bayley. Most recently, she demolished the former SmackDown Women’s Champion in an ‘Obstacle Course Challenge’ to determine who was the superior athlete.

This weekend, Bianca Belair and Bayley are both set to enter the Women’s Royal Rumble match, you can find out all about that and much more here.