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Bianca Belair Reacts To Headlining WrestleMania 37 Night One

Bianca Belair

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Number One Contender Bianca Belair, has taken to social media to react to the news that her clash with Sasha Banks will headline WrestleMania 37 night one.

It was initially reported that the huge women’s clash would headline night one, following an appearance by Stephanie McMahon on the Bill Simmons Podcast.

During the wide-ranging conversation, McMahon commented that Banks vs. Belair would headline night one, and that she was excited to see their “spectacular” clash.

It was later confirmed by WWE that the match would be taking the much coveted headline spot.

Reacting to the news, Bianca Belair commented:

THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! This is more than just about ME. This is more than just about US. Grateful. Blessed. We are creating History.

The match between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair will mark the first time that that two African-American women will headline WrestleMania in the event’s long history.

Speaking after the match was confirmed, Belair said that she felt blessed to be able to make history.

“It’s an amazing feeling and I’m blessed to be the person in this position to make the choice to pick Sasha Banks to make this moment and go down in history. I always go back to the role models I had when I grew up and the moments they had that influenced me. I became a track athlete because of [Florence Griffith Joyner] and Gail Devers. I became a gymnast because of Dominique Dawes. Me running track and being an athlete is what led me here to WWE. This is what my life is because of those women. To think that what we’re going to do at WrestleMania is going to be representation and is going to influence people positively in their life, I feel like I’m able to give back to others and do the same for others what my role models did for me. It’s going to be an amazing moment and something that will go down in the history books. I’m blessed to be a part of it and blessed to be a part of it with someone like Sasha Banks. That’s the amazing part to me and the part that is unbelievable to me. I’m ready to be in that moment and in the ring, standing across from her and look at her and feel that moment.”

Inside The Ropes will have live coverage of the show when WrestleMania 37 night 1 kicks off at 1am BST on Saturday April 10th, followed by night 2 at 1am on Sunday April 11th.