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Bianca Belair Responds To Unique Race Challenge From The Miz

Bianca Belair & The Miz

Bianca Belair has addressed The Miz’s challenge to her for a race, doubling down that she could beat him even with the unique stipulation in place!

Bianca Belair’s history in athletics is well-documented but the ever-confident Miz believes he could defeat the former SmackDown Women’s Champion in a race featuring a certain stipulation!

Speaking on The Rich Eisen Show, The Miz recently revealed that he once challenged Belair to a race in front of the entire locker room, believing he could beat her if wore running shoes whilst she wore wrestling boots:

“I actually challenged Bianca Belair, she’s the EST, the best at everything, and a huge track star. I said to her, ‘Do you think [you could beat me] in a race if I have running shoes on and you have wrestling boots on?’ She said, ‘No doubt in my mind.’ She didn’t think about it. That’s what made me go, ‘Oh really?’ She didn’t think about it, just, ‘No doubt in my mind.’

I went to the entire WWE locker room and I go, ‘Bianca Belair has wrestling boots on, I have running shoes on. Who wins in a race?’ Everyone, there was not one person who had my back. Everyone just goes, ‘Bianca Belair will kill you.’ There is no way. There is no way (she is) in wrestling boots and I have running shoes on that she could beat me in a race.” (h/t Fightful)

Now, speaking to Inside The Ropes’ Innes McVey, Bianca Belair reiterated that she could handily defeat the former WWE Champion and even got a second opinion from The Street Profits‘ Montez Ford:

“I definitely win that race! [The Street Profits] were there, he asked everybody in the locker room and everybody betted on me. What do you two think?”

Montez Ford: “The EST of WWE, without hesitation! The Miz is awesome but she’s the best!”

Angelo Dawkins also jumped in to give his thoughts, comparing The Miz’s chances of defeating Belair to The Cleveland Browns getting to the Super Bowl – it’s never going to happen!

“His chances of beating Bianca in a race? [laughs hysterically] It’s almost like the Browns going to the Super Bowl, it ain’t never gonna happen!”

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