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Bianca Belair Out Of Action For “Unspecified Amount Of Time “

Bianca Belair

Following the vicious assault by Becky Lynch on Raw, WWE have confirmed that Bianca Belair will be out of action for an “unspecified amount of time”.

On the latest edition of WWE Raw, Bianca Belair scored a hard-fought victory over Doudrop with a huge KOD in the centre of the ring. However, as she celebrated, Becky Lynch appeared and dragged ‘The EST’ out of the ring by her ponytail before unleashing a brutal assault.

After slamming the challenger to her Raw Women’s Championship into the steel steps and announce table, ‘Big Time Becks’ wrapped Belair’s head inside a steel chair and rammed her into a ring post to leave her clutching at her throat.

On March 19th, WWE issued a statement revealing that the attack had caused Bianca Belair to suffer a fractured hyoid bone in her throat. While it will not require surgery, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion will be out of action for an “unspecified” amount of time.

“Bianca Belair suffered a fractured hyoid bone in her throat as a result of the attack perpetrated by Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch last Monday on Raw. Although Belair will not need surgery, she will be out of action for an unspecified amount of time as she recovers.”

Bianca Belair is scheduled to clash with Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 38 on April 2nd. It was Lynch who ended Belair’s first title run when she unexpectedly returned at SummerSlam in August 2021 and defeated the former champ in under 30 seconds.