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Bianca Belair Opens The Door To NXT Return

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According to ‘The EST’ Bianca Belair, she left both NXT and Monday Night Raw with a lot to prove.

During the 2020 WWE Draft, Bianca Belair was moved from the red brand to Friday Night SmackDown before she managed to accomplish anything major after her promotion from NXT. Such a swift jump has left the star feeling as if she has more to prove on both shows.

Speaking to Bleacher Report, the talent discussed her unfinished business with NXT and Raw, as well as leaving the door open to a return to both brands in order to accomplish her goals:

“I always try to make the most of any opportunity that’s handed to me, but the thing I love about my journey, even from NXT, is that I’ve been on all three brands in a very short amount of time. The thing about my journey from NXT that I love is that with every brand I’ve been on, I’ve always left still having something to do. If it came down to it and I had to go back to NXT, I still never got the NXT Women’s Championship. I’ll always have something to do if I go back to NXT.

If I ever go back to Raw, I’ll always have more to accomplish. I always want to have something more that I can do because that’s what keeps me driven and motivated. I barely got my foot in the door at Raw, but that just means I always have something I can go back to and more things I can accomplish.”

With more experience under her belt, Belair could be a major coup for the black and gold brand if she was ever to return. Having worked for Charlotte Flair earlier this year, dipping ones toes back into the waters from whence you came could be a career rejuvenation.

Bianca Belair will look to prove herself on her current home of Friday Night SmackDown first, however. Part of the Women’s Team SmackDown Survivor Series squad on November 22, the sky is the limit for ‘The EST’ as the company approaches a new year.

Credit for the interview: Bleacher Report

h/t for the transcription: Fightful