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Bianca Belair Discusses Women’s Main Events Becoming “The Norm”

Bianca Belair
Bianca Belair has opened up about women’s main events in WWE becoming “the norm” and how “amazing” it was to headline almost the entirety of WWE’s recent UK tour.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy ahead of WWE Glasgow, the one show where WWE’s first ever Scottish Superstar Drew McIntyre main-evented upon his return, Bianca Belair answered a question on whether she’s still conscious of main events of if they’ve become the norm.

“No, we definitely are very conscious of that. Even in the locker room this weekend, because Becky Lynch and I have been main-eventing every single night. And you know, we were just talking about how, five years ago, not even just inside the women’s locker room, but just all of us backstage, talking about five years ago how to think about us main-eventing every single night of a UK tour or loop – it’s just amazing to know that this is where we are now, and women are main-eventing not just one time at WrestleMania or one time on a pay-per-view, but on a weekly basis now on SmackDown.”
Belair went on to say she’s “blessed” to be in the position, sharing her gratitude towards those who came before her.
“I’m just blessed to be in this position because there’s so many women that came before us, even even in the Divas era, they laid this foundation so that we can come through and now benefit off of that and be able to show that we are the main event and it’s not just because we’re females, but it’s because of our talent. It’s not even being questioned anymore. And I love the fact of, you know, the first are always celebrated and celebrated first. But now I love that it’s now becoming more and more normal. It’s the norm where people aren’t questioning it as much or even just celebrating it as much because it’s just the norm. You hear that the women are the main event and you’re just like, ‘Yeah, of course, you know, I love that feeling.”
The EST of WWE also had some special praise for her recent rival Bayley.
“Well, that’s what happens when you work with Bayley. She’s someone who’s so creative. She’s so fun to work with, and that’s why I was so like, “Oh,” when she got injured before the I Quit Match. I will say this about Bayley. She’s a locker room leader, and she’s one of the Four Horsewomen that I feel like doesn’t get as much credit as she should because she always rises to the occasion, but she always makes you, the person that she works with, she brings them up with her as well.”
WWE Live returns to the UK in November. More information about that tour is available here.