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Bianca Belair Addresses Sasha Banks’ SummerSlam Absence

Sasha Banks Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair has addressed Sasha Banks’ SummerSlam absence after their scheduled bout for the SmackDown Women’s Championship was called off.

Banks only recently returned to SmackDown following her loss to Belair for the title in the main event of WrestleMania 37. While first seemingly friendly to her WrestleMania conqueror, Banks soon showed her true intentions, attacking Belair and locking her in the Banks Statement.

With their critically acclaimed WrestleMania main event behind them, many fans were excited to see the two women go toe to toe again. Things began to seem amiss when the scheduled matches between them at WWE live events prior to SummerSlam were called off although it was widely reported that the match was still scheduled.

At SummerSlam Bianca Belair made her entrance before ring announcer Greg Hamilton announced that Sasha Banks was unable to compete and would be replaced by Carmella. That match didn’t happen however as Becky Lynch shocked the world with her return and after taking out Carmella, challenged Belair herself.

Lynch’s first bout since WrestleMania 36 only took twenty-seven seconds as she unseated Belair for the title in record time. This begins Lynch’s fourth reign as the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

At the SummerSlam after-party, Belair caught up with Denise Salcedo and discussed Sasha Banks absence from The Biggest Party Of The Summer:

“All I can say is, tonight it couldn’t happen with Sasha Banks, but coming soon, it will be a time where Sasha and I are in the ring again. So, we are definitely going to finish what we started off, and you know, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for Sasha Banks, and I was ready to put an end to her tonight. So whenever that time happens, I’m going to be ready to put an end to her and move over to Becky.”

Bianca Belair also discussed her loss to Lynch following SummerSlam saying she felt “defeated.”

h/t Spotskeeda Wrestling for the transcription