Beth Phoenix Makes Shock Appearance At Extreme Rules

Beth Pheonix confronts Rhea Ripley at Extreme Rules

Beth Phoenix made a surprise appearance at Extreme Rules to brawl with Rhea Ripley sending the crowd wild.

The “I Quit” Match between Edge and Finn Balor promised to be a wild affair, and after a slow start chaos ensued.

Edge and Balor had brawled into the crowd when they finally returned to the ring and The Prince laid waste to his rival with a steel chair. However, the match turned on it’s head as Judgment Day ran in to help their leader. Although Edge did his best to fight off the group, he was handcuffed to the top rope by Rhea Ripley.

This left Balor to attack Edge with a kendo stick. With the beating in full swing Rey Mysterio ran in to come to the aid of his friend but was brutally beaten down by his son Dominik. With Edge looking more broken by the minute, his wife Beth Phoenix ran in to try and even the odds.

While Phoenix dispatched Balor and Dominik, her confrontation with Rhea Ripley was greeted by a monster raw from the crowd. The pair brawled until the Hall of Famer took the upper hand and was able to get the key for the handcuffs freeing Balor.

Edge quickly fought back and appeared to be heading for the win but there was another twist to come. Ripley laid out Phoenix from behind with brass knuckles, as Edge was left beaten by the rest of Judgment Day.

As Edge was propped up by his rivals he refused to quit. That was until Rhea Ripley threated to deliver a con-chair-to to Phoenix. For the sake of his wife, Edge finally uttered the words “I Quit” ending the match, only for Ripley to smash the steel chair down of Phoenix’s head anway.