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Beth Phoenix Reveals Why She Left WWE In 2012

WWE Hall of Fame star Beth Phoenix has revealed why she left the company back in 2012.

Phoenix had a sterling career inside the ‘E, holding the WWE Women’s Championship on three separate occasions, as well as a single run with the Divas Championship.

She was inducted into the Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2017 and has since returned to the company as a commentator for NXT.

However in a recent appearance on Oral Sessions with Renée Paquette, ‘The Glamazon’ went into detail around the reasons behind her 2012 departure:

I felt, and I’ll be transparent on this, I’d go on live events and I’d wrestle my ass off. Twelve to fifteen minute matches, and I felt they were great matches. And I felt that way because my peers would say that to me. ‘You guys killed it tonight. Good job!’ And I’d listen to the audience and I’m like ‘the audience is reacting to us at these live events.’ Even if I come out to crickets, because I’ve had no TV time, once I get the chance to tell the story in the ring for ten or fifteen minutes, by the end everyone is excited. So I knew I was doing the job right and I knew my peers were telling me I was doing the job right. But then I would go to TV and, here’s a match that’s supposed to happen and it’s cut to thirty seconds. And I felt like I was a really dispensable part of the show, no matter how long or hard I worked. I felt like, even at a point, I got over as a character, I thought I did that part right. I thought I checked every box to be trying to move this thing forward. I was trying to work with other women, as a group too, to try and get us all featured more. I had PPV matches, every PPV for like five years. And then I remember one of those last years and I’m like ‘here I am.’ I would work or do a tag match on the weekend, and then be taken out of the tag match and someone else would be plugged in on RAW. And I just got to the point where I felt so frustrated that I put in all this work and I didn’t see anything changing in front of me.

Phoenix also noted how her relationship with Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland had factored into her reasoning:

At that point I was like ‘well I’m 31, 32.’ I had bought a house, I had set up this really manageable life that would not require me to make a wrestler’s salary in order to keep the lights on. I was living near my family and friends and I was totally ready to move because also, I had accomplished all the things I’d wanted to do. And even if on the grand scheme of things, if it didn’t matter and people were like ‘I don’t remember you as a wrestler,’ I was like ‘well I remember what I did and I tried really hard.’ So I was ready to move on. And then, I’m in this whole conversation in my head, getting ready to leave, and then Adam (Edge) and I got together. And then the other layer on that was he was done with wrestling and grieving that and ready to move on too. So I was like ‘it’s time. It’s family time.’ And then he had his neck surgery and we had just suddenly both ended up sitting on the couch, sitting next to each other, with all of this stuff behind us. So we were ready to just throw ourselves into parenthood and we did, like full on, just dive right in. He was doing the acting but I was like ‘I’m a stay at home mom for life. I love this.’ I was so happy

Having been a regular behind the NXT commentary desk since her return in 2019, Phoenix has recently hinted that her days as an active competitor may not be done.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcript.