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Beth Phoenix Recalls Her Favourite Glam Slam Ever

Beth Phoenix hits Glam Slam

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix has revealed which time she hit her finisher, the Glam Slam, was her favourite ever.

Beth Phoenix began her full-time career in WWE in 2006 after spending a couple of years in the developmental territory of Ohio Vally Wrestling. During her six-year career, Phoenix used her finisher, the Glam Slam, to devastating effect, using it to capture the WWE Divas Title once and the WWE Women’s Championship three times in a career that saw her inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2017.

Sitting down with Ryan Satin on his ‘Out of Character’ podcast, the ‘Glamazon’ spoke about her favourite Glam Slam, which happened at a live event.

“I had the opportunity to hit the Glam Slam on Dolph Ziggler. If you know the talent of Dolph Ziggler, it was a live event so I don’t even know if footage exists, but he took it so high and took the bump so crazy that it was one of my most memorable Glam Slams of all time.”

Phoenix went on to reveal how she created her wrestling identity, saying that she wanted a nickname and finisher that were memorable for fans going to shows.

“It was me trying to brand my finisher. If nothing else, if I only have 30 seconds, I have a moniker and a finisher. I’m the Glamazon and I hit the Glam Slam. I tried to make it simple and branded so it would be something that the crowd could walk away and go, ‘what was that? Oh, the girl with the headband, she’s the Glamazon and does the Glam Slam.’

“If nothing else, that’s how I wanted to make myself recognizable to the audience. I tried to build my character as if I was building a video game character. What would be the most appealing if I was a little kid playing 2K?”

Phoenix then recalled which Glam Slam was the most memorable, singling out a time when she hit it on Eve Torres from the top rope.


“Madison Square Garden against Eve Torres on the top rope. It was a move that we took a risk doing because at that time, we were handcuffed a little bit more and Eve and I took a chance. It ended up being one of the most memorable moments of my career, not only because I had Nattie [Natalya] by my side, but it was at MSG where I watched Bret vs. Owen at WrestleMania 10, the match that inspired me to become a wrestler. It was a full-circle moment.

“A close second was hitting the Glam Slam on Jack Swagger’s eagle. I have seen it meme’d many times and I was pretty impressed at how awesome it looked and I was grateful that I didn’t get PETA called on me.”

Beth Phoenix has now swapped the ring for the commentary desk and can be heard every week on NXT 2.0 alongside Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.