Best Bros Want Title Vs Title Match Against Fujita And Yamashita

At ChocoPro #111, the current Asia Dream Tag Team Champions, the Best Bros (Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga) took on another set of champions in Minoru Fujita and Rina Yamashita in non-title action.

Rina and Fujita are currently tag team champions in the Japanese deathmatch-style promotion, Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS.

The hotly contested battle surprisingly went to a 20-minute time limit draw, with Rina and Fujita firmly in control as time expired.

After the match, the teams agreed to a future title vs title match, although it was later revealed on The Wrstling Podcast that, at least from the Best Bros’ perspective, this was a challenge made in the heat of the moment and had not been agreed by ChocoPro founder Emi Sakura.

One-half of the Best Bros, Baliyan Akki, explained:

Even though there was no such talk with Emi Sakura, we were just like ‘Yeah, keep them (the belts) – we’ll keep ours too and as soon as your schedule is free, let’s make this happen. We didn’t ask anybody. Emi Sakura had nothing to do with it, we just went ahead because we were feeling good after the match!

Despite having amicably set up a future clash, tensions soon boiled over as Suruga lunged at Yamashita, pulling at her braided hair as Akki attempted to restrain his partner.

No date has been set for the return match but when asked about the potential of running a FREEDOMS style deathmatch, Suruga was quick to point out that YouTube’s strict code of conduct would prohibit anything too extreme from happening.

Keep checking Inside the Ropes for more details on this potential Champions vs Champions clash as it unfolds.

To hear the full interview with the Best Bros, check out The Wrstling Podcast here.