Behind The Scenes Photos From New AEW Game Released

AEW Games

AEW Games’ Twitter and Facebook accounts recently added behind the scenes photos from what appears to be either rehearsals or potential audio/motion capture sessions for their upcoming game release. Filmed at Comeback Studios in Atlanta, Georgia the pictures seem to show individuals in a ring doing basic movements while a boom microphone records the sound of his feet moving across the canvas.

While the identity of the wrestler being recorded seems to be up in the air, several responses have suggested it to be Kenny Omega. Given his level of involvement with the project and well-known love for gaming in general, that would be the most sensible option. Omega has previously stated that he requested to be part of AEW’s games division when he signed with the organisation, and wanted to create a game that wrestling fans wanted.

Anticipation for the game is high given the issues that plagued WWE’s 2K20 upon its release and the subsequent cancellation of its follow up, WWE 2K21. Former WWE video games writer Justin Leeper stated that the company plans on releasing a 2K22 instalment, but little has been heard about the development of the game since this statement was made. With legendary Japanese developer Yuke’s behind the AEW project, fans will be hoping the game can surpass the 2K series in terms of both graphic quality and accessibility. A return to the old AKI engine has been rumoured for some time, but few updates have been released about the game’s inner workings so far.