Becky Lynch Details ‘Painful’ And ‘Terrifying’ Survivor Series Bump

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch made her return to WWE after almost four months on the shelf on the SmackDown before Survivor Series, being revealed as the final member of Team Belair.

In the Survivor Series WarGames bout, Lynch helped her team to victory after hitting a spectacular diving leg drop from the top of the cage onto Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky, who were laid out on a table, before pinning Kai to grab the victory for Bianca Belair’s team.

“I Want Something That People Can Remember From This Match” – Becky Lynch On Her Diving Leg Drop At WarGames

Becky Lynch recently spoke to Alternative Sport’s Matthew Connell for a ‘Q&A’ and was asked about the match-winning spot inside WarGames.

‘The Man’ revealed that she felt she needed to do something big upon her return to the ring to prove she is still the same Becky Lynch that fans came to see:

“It was both terrifying and painful. Even with the nerves, I was like: “I want something that people can remember from this match”. If I come back then I’ve got to put my body on the line and I can’t half-ass it because then I’m not The Man and I’m not the Becky Lynch that people paid to see.”

She continued:

“I had in my head that I wanted to flatten somebody, flatten some fools with the leg drop through the table. When the opportunity came up and it was time to go, well, then there’s nothing left to do but do it. You can see even when I’m up there, there’s a moment of hesitation where I have a moment with myself. When I landed, of course it was painful, although I think it might have been a little bit more painful for Dakota Kai.”

After this week’s Monday Night Raw went off the air, Lynch took the time to thank the fans in attendance for their support during her recent absence from the company.

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