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Becky Lynch Breaks Character To Warn Fans Of Potential Scams

Becky Lynch entrance

Becky Lynch has taken to social media to advise fans to be weary when approached by people claiming to be her who ask for money or other goods.

In a short statement posted on Twitter, Big Time Becks dropped her wrestling persona and implored fans to be vigilant regarding scammers online impersonating her and other WWE Superstars.

Lynch said that should fans see anyone impersonating WWE stars on social media they should be reported and blocked. She added that the she is “sickened” by the amount of incidents she come across where fans have been scammed by someone impersonating her and other WWE talent.

“It should go without saying, but I, or any other WWE Superstar, would not ever message any fan looking for money or gift cards.

Please, if anyone ever messages you, pretending to be me, asking for money, or anything else, immediately block and report.

The amount of times I have heard of this happening is sickening.”

The statement comes after Liv Morgan recently shared an incident where a fan ended up selling their home after they thought they were sending money to the star.

Taking to social media Liv Morgan pleaded for those responsible to stop:

“Guys I’ve been sent so many emails of horror stories about people making fake accounts and emails pretending to be me & asking for huge amounts of money. This really makes me so sad. Please don’t use my name to con people out of their hard earned money. Please please please”

“A man sold his home and lost everything thinking he was helping ‘me.’ This has me so sick. Please know I would never reach out to ask any of you for a single penny. I’m so sad. Please stop”

To support your favourite wrestling stars, buy their merchandise or tickets to a show to see them, but never send money to someone you don’t know online, no matter how convincing they seem.