Becky Lynch Lifts Lid On Triple H’s Involvement In Character Shift

Becky Lynch makes her return to raw after mania loss to belair

Becky Lynch has revealed that Triple H thought she was “swimming upstream” in trying to be a heel when she’s so popular with fans.

Former Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is a proud product of NXT’s ‘Black and Gold Era’ and a member of WWE’s Four Horsewomen. After finding success in NXT the star moved to the main roster in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2018 that her star really off.

Following defeat to Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat Match also featuring Carmella, Lynch berated the crowd in an attempt to turn heel, instead, she was cheered to the rafters. Over the coming months she became “The Man” and her popularity exploded, becoming arguably the biggest star in the company.

However, after taking a break from the ring for over a year due to the birth of her first child, Lynch returned as an over the top heel. Despite heavily leaning into her new-found bad guy persona, fans continued to cheer the star in a situation likened to Steve Austin’s ill-fated heel turn in 2001.

The experiment seemed to come to an end at SummerSlam 2022 where Lynch was defeated by Bianca Belair. Despite losing the match, she embraced her rival and became a fan favourite, a move solidified on the following edition of Monday Night Raw.

Many fans attributed the switch to new WWE Head of Creative Triple H. During an appearance on the Out Of Character podcast, Lynch explained how the change came about.

“I talked to Hunter [Triple H] a little bit before and he was like, ‘How do you feel about being a heel?’ I was like, ‘Honestly, it’s fun, I like it. I feel I’m maybe more naturally inclined to be a babyface, people like me better as a babyface. Clearly, I’m doing my job if they don’t like me.’ I’m just great, lads. I’m just great [laughs]. He goes, ‘I feel we’re swimming upstream keeping you as heel.’ ‘Yeah, I agree.’ Then the creative was laid out and I was like, ‘That sounds awesome, hell yeah, pop, pop, pop,’

When asked about working with Triple H, the Irish star was full of praise for the WWE Hall of Famer.

It’s great. Obviously, he has a great mind for it. His track record with what he’s done with women in NXT, I’m a product of that, I got to be in that system and become who I am today. He’s really championed women’s wrestling in general and not looking at it as women’s wrestling. This is a story, these are two people in a story, how do we make this story good? That’s what I love. How do we make this story good, no matter the gender.”

Becky Lynch is currently out of action after sustaining a shoulder injury during her SummerSlam match with Bianca Belair. Although there is no official timeline regarding her recovery, it has been reported that she could be back in action within WWE.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.