Becky Lynch Slams Former Champion For Not Respecting WWE

Becky Lynch makes her return to raw after mania loss to belair

Becky Lynch has hit out at a former SmackDown Women’s Champion for not respecting WWE and professional wrestling.

Ronda Rousey came into the WWE red hot and already has multiple title reigns under her belt. She and Lynch had a very intense feud in 2019 which resulted in the two taking personal shots at each other both inside the ring and on social media.

One of Rousey’s most notable moments came when she had her heel turn and then went on to state that the WWE is scripted in one of her vlogs.

Rousey’s vlogs became controversial as she would take multiple shots at talent, which according to her was a way to progress storylines.

Lynch spoke with Rachel DeMita on ESPN’s Courtside Club where she explained how Rousey has disrespected the industry.

“I think [Ronda Rousey] doesn’t respect it as much as she should. I mean, she’s gone off on tangents disrespecting the sport that I’ve given my life to, that I love, that I obsess about. Both of us have come back from having a child, and one has come back better than ever, and one has not.”

“I’m the one who’s come back better than ever, and I think that you need that respect for this business, that obsession for this business to be able to do that,” Becky added. “I don’t think that she puts as much work in, she doesn’t put as much work in as I do, and it shows.”

Rousey and Lynch have yet to meet in one-on-one singles competition. They faced off in a Winner Take All Triple Threat Match with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 35 where Lynch came out the winner and became Becky Two Belts.

H/T to Sportskeeda for the transcription.