Becky Lynch Shoots On WWE Legend Ric Flair

Ric Flair Becky Lynch

The issues between Becky Lynch and Ric Flair began when the WWE Hall of Famer was asked to hand over ‘The Man’ trademark to Lynch. For years Flair has proclaimed himself to be ‘The Man,’ often saying to his opponents, ‘to be the man, you have to beat the man.’ When Lynch began calling herself ‘The Man’ during her feud with Flair’s daughter, Charlotte, it irked the 16-time world champion.

Ric Flair and Becky Lynch’s rivalry intensified after The Nature Boy called out the Irish Lasskicker for calling Ronda Rousey “Ronny” during a promo segment on Raw in February 2022. After Rousey returned to win the women’s Royal Rumble match, she confronted Lynch on Raw. The Lasskicker started the promo by saying, “Welcome back, Ronny.”

Ric Flair Thought Becky Lynch Was Just ‘Generic’ Raw Women’s Champion

Following the promo segment on Raw, Flair had some choice words for Lynch on an episode of the Ric Flair Wooooo Nation Uncensored Podcast.

“Once again, she’s not Ronny, she’s Ronda Rousey, okay. Anybody stupid enough to call her Ronny and make a joke of her presence and what she brings to the company is out of their mind. As an example, what is her name now? Big Time Becks? ‘Hey Ronny, welcome back.’ Wow, that’s exciting. Hey, how about: thank you Ronda for showing up because I’m not The Man anymore, I’m generic… who am I? Big Time Becks? The Lasskicker? Who am I?”

Never the one to let things slide, Lynch posted a response of Twitter about how she’s worked so hard for her “heroes to become her rivals.”

Becky Lynch is currently out of action due to a shoulder injury she sustained several months after her promo segment with Rousey. The former Raw Women’s Champion was rumored to return in September; however, new reports suggest the Irish Lasskicker is no where close to a full recovery.

Ric Flair meanwhile is still basking in the glory of his supposed final match that took place at Starrcast V in July. The Nature Boy’s daughter, Charlotte, is also rumored to be returning soon.

H/T – Wrestling Inc.