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Becky Lynch Tells Ronda Rousey To “Start With An Appetizer” Before Challenging Her

Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has warned off Ronda Rousey from challenging her at WrestleMania following Rousey’s shock win at the Royal Rumble.

At the 2022 Royal Rumble ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey made her return to WWE after almost three years away when she emerged as a surprise competitor in the women’s Royal Rumble. Entering at number 28, the former UFC Champion eliminated four women on her way to victory.

Her win means that Rousey will be back in the main event of WrestleMania – as she was in 2019 – but who she will challenge is still up for some debate.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch however thinks she knows who Rousey should challenge – anyone but Big Time Becks. Speaking to Sports Illustrated Lynch warned Rousey to start with a “shrimp cocktail” before going anywhere near “steak and potatoes:”

“Welcome back, Ronda. I know how hard it is to come back as a new mother, I think it’s fantastic she’s back. And she has a lot to avenge. I’m still holding on to that championship she gave me three years ago.”

“Since that time, I’ve gone off, had a child, came back better than ever, and defended my belt left, right, and centre. If I were her and I was just dipping my toes back in, I wouldn’t go for the main course. I’d start with an appetizer, like a shrimp cocktail, before I went for the steak and potatoes. But if she would like to test herself against me, then by all means. I welcome her with open arms.”

The other option currently for Rousey’s WrestleMania opponent is SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Flair made it to the final two of the Rumble match only to be sent crashing to the floor by Rousey.

Of course, Rousey, Lynch, and Flair comprised the first-ever women’s WrestleMania main event at WrestleMania 35. On that occasion, Flair held the title she holds now, Rousey was Raw Women’s Champion, and Becky Lynch was the Royal Rumble winner that became Becky Two Belts.

h/t Wrestling Inc.