Becky Lynch Reveals Which WWE Hall of Famer Inspired Her To Start Wrestling

Dwayne Johnson Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time and she has credited one Hall of Famer as her inspiration to get into the business.

Lynch took to social media to praise the highly influential legend and her newly-found tag team partner.

“I remember being mesmerized the first time I saw @machetegirl on tv. She was cool, she was spunky and she was different . As a young woman she showed me that you could break the mold to succeed. You didn’t need to be cookie cutter. It was better if you weren’t.

As a performer I’ve been able to take what she’s done and build upon it so we can keep changing the game.

I could not be more proud to fight side by side on Monday. We’ve done a lot of very great things individually- but taking those tag titles and walking into WrestleMania as champions together, well, that will be pretty damn epic.”

Lita is an legend in WWE. Her high-flying and energetic wrestling style made her a standout performer. Her feud with Trish Stratus saw her become Women’s Champion and one of the first women to main event an episode of Raw. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 and her iconic status made her an inspiration for future generations of wrestlers, such as AJ Lee, Bayley, Paige, Emma, Mickie James, Naomi, Zelina Vega, Liv Morgan and many more.

In response to Lynch’s message, Lita wrote:

“The honor is mine, my friend. I want nothing more than to take the tag division to the next level with you. Let’s go do this! 🙌”

Becky Lynch And Lita Will Team Up To Challenge Damage CTRL

The Man and Lita have recently become a team in their fight against Damage CTRL. A few weeks ago Lita helped Lynch in her victory over Bayley in a steel cage match.

During a Ding Dong, Hello! segment, that saw Bayley host WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Lynch and Lita interrupted the show to call out the champs and will receive their shot at the titles on February 27th.

The match could see the newly-formed duo capture the title as there are apparently big plans for Lita at WrestleMania 39.