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Becky Lynch Responds To Charlotte Flair Promo On RAW

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Despite not appearing inside a WWE ring in over a year, Becky Lynch is still managing to ruffle the feathers of WWE’s women’s division.

After word reached fans that Lynch was at Money In The Bank, fans reigned down chants calling for the Irish Superstar during the RAW Women’s Title match between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley. As the match kicked into gear, the chants died down and Lynch didn’t appear at the show, despite teasing fans online.

Fast forward 24 hours to Monday Night RAW and Flair, who beat Ripley for the championship the previous night, was once again serenaded by Becky Lynch chants from the capacity crowd. In an attempt to shut down the chants, Flair said that while Lynch is at home breastfeeding, she’s been dominating the women’s division.

Lynch quickly responded to the slight on Twitter, writing “breastfeeding at home and still the most over woman in the division.”

Becky Lynch hadn’t appeared inside a WWE ring since the May 11th 2020 episode of Monday Night RAW. On that night, ‘The Man’ vacated her RAW Women’s Championship, presenting the belt to Asuka. The move was so that Lynch could take time off ahead of giving birth to her first child Roux, in December.

Away from WWE, Becky Lynch and partner Seth Rollins recently tied to the knot.

Posting on Instagram on June 29th, Seth Rollins shared a photo of Lynch writing, “Seems like a fine day to finally get married.” The happy couple had been engaged since August 2019.

Lynch’s hasn’t wrestled since night one of WrestleMania 36 in March 2020 where she defeated Shayna Baszler.

At the time of her departure, Lynch had held the RAW Women’s Champion for 399 days.

The July 19th edition of Monday Night RAW won’t be remembered too fondly by Charlotte Flair. Although the new champion survived a scare in her rematch against Rhea Ripley, her championship reign came to a swift end at the hands of Nikki A.S.H.

After Charlotte’s match with Ripley, the Aussie attempted to get revenge on Flair, hitting her with a Riptide outside the ring. Just as Charlotte hit the floor, Nikki A.S.H’s music reverberated around the area. Ripley rolled Flair back into the ring, where WWE’s resident superhero declared that she was cashing in her newly won Money In The Bank contract.

Nikki quickly climbed to the top rope landing a cross-body on Flair to pick up the win.