Becky Lynch’s Ex-Boyfriend Opens Up About Her Real-Life Issues With Charlotte Flair

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair played a major role in changing the landscape of women’s wrestling in WWE, and became good friends in the process.

Alongside Bayley and Sasha Banks the quartet became known as the Four Horsewomen and earned widespread acclaim for their matches in NXT. As the group arrived on the main roster, initially without Bayley, their stars continued to rise although the relationship between Flair and Lynch deteriorated.

Why Did Becky Lynch And Charlotte Flair Fall Out?

The issues between the two women were laid bare for all the world to see during a very awkward exchange on an episode of SmackDown in October 2021. The pair were due to swap belts in an in-ring segment but Flair dropped her title on the floor instead of handing it to Lynch. This led to a furious exchange backstage as the anger between the pair erupted to the surface. WWE later used the real-life issues as part of the storyline to build a match between the two at Survivor Series.

Speaking during an appearance on Wrestling with Freddie, with Freddie Prinze Jr. Lynch’s former boyfriend Jeff Dye, opened opened up about the breakdown of the relationship between the star and Charlotte Flair. The problems between the two women began in 2018 after Lynch turned heel by attacking Flair and started her rise to the top of the company. This storyline led to a match in the main event of WrestleMania 35 between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey.

Dye explained that the in-character insults on screen impacted their real-life relationship.

“I hope I’m not sharing too much here, but they would take it really personal. Like when her and Charlotte were feuding, I would listen to her be like, ‘I can’t believe Charlotte’s actually getting mad at me.’ I was like, ‘You guys do know this is a storyline, right? You guys don’t have to actually be upset with each other for this to work.'”

The comedian added that in the end, both women wanted the top spot in the company and were ultra-competitive.

“I think it’s like comedy or showbusiness or maybe even if you work at a warehouse or you work at Target or you work at Best Buy, you get competitive,” Dye continued. “You want the promotion or you want the raise or you want some position, and so that’s just part of it for them.”

Dye explained that none of what happened changed his perspective on the wrestling business, but added that Flair struggled with Lynch becoming a bigger star.

“Charlotte had a difficult time that Becky was starting to become the face of the female wrestling thing. I guess it wasn’t surprising. It didn’t change my perspective, but it was interesting to see how much they genuinely, when you’re struggling on the roster, it affects their personal life.”

Charlotte Flair has been out of action since WrestleMania Backlash in May. At time of writing there is no news on when she’ll be back in the ring. Becky Lynch recently completed her own return following a serious shoulder injury, wrestling for the first time in four months at Survivor Series.

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