Becky Lynch Added To Raw Women’s Championship Match At Hell In A Cell

Becky Lynch Asuka

Becky Lynch earned her way into a triple threat match for the Raw Women’s Championship match at Hell in a Cell!

On last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch faced Asuka in the main event in a number one contender’s match that determined who would face Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship at Hell in a Cell. The match was originally scheduled to a be a six-pack challenge that would also feature Nikki ASH, Doudrop, Sasha Banks, and Naomi, but was changed at the last minute when Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of Raw due to creative differences.

In the end, Asuka was victorious when she used the green mist on Big Time Becks and earned her way to a Raw Women’s Championship match. However, on tonight’s episode of Raw, an enraged Becky Lynch approached WWE official Adam Pearce and complained about the use of the green mist, pointing out that she wasn’t even able to wash it out of her hair properly.

Adam Pearce decided to give Becky another chance to earn her way to a championship match and decided that Lynch would once again face Asuka in the main event of Raw – but instead of granting Becky a one-on-one match if she won, he declared that she would instead be added to the match, making it a triple threat.

Bianca Belair sat on commentary to watch the main event bout, and near the end of the match, received an inadvertent kick to the face from Asuka when the match spilled out of the ring. In the end, Becky was able to pin Asuka and earn her way into the triple threat match.

Elsewhere on Monday Night Raw, Kevin Owens challenged Ezekiel to a match at Hell in a Cell, and MVP defeated Bobby Lashley by countout, meaning he earned the right to choose the stipulation for Lashley vs. Omos at the Premium Live Event. Full results from the May 23rd episode of Raw can be found here.