Becky Lynch Reveals Why She Prefers To Work Heel In WWE

Eric Bischoff Becky Lynch

‘The Man’ Becky Lynch established herself as one of WWE’s top babyfaces in 2018. She carried that momentum into WrestleMania 35, becoming a dual women’s champion in the main event. After a lengthy title reign, Lynch relinquished the championship due to her pregnancy.

Becky Lynch would return a year later at SummerSlam 2021 and quickly defeated Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Her quick win over the EST turned many in the WWE universe against her, and she’d responded by adopting a heelish, arrogant persona. Calling herself ‘Big Time Becks,’ Lynch was no longer soaking in the admiration of the fans.

Becky Lynch Had More Fun Being A Heel Than A Babyface

Speaking at New York City Advertising Week, the former Raw Women’s Champion stated why she prefers to be a heel rather than a babyface in WWE. Although she admits to having more fun being hated by the fans, Lynch also knows why the WWE universe roots for underdogs.

“I think human nature is we just generally don’t want to like people and certainly now, certainly that’s Twitter nature. So you have so much freedom that you can do anything, you can have fun. If people don’t like you, ‘well, I’m doing my job well. If people like you, well, you’re so entertaining, how can people not like you?’ It’s a lot easier, it’s a lot more fun in that aspect,” said Lynch.

“Being a babyface, I tend to naturally fall into it. I think, honestly, I’m not the greatest athlete in the world and I think my story of perseverance has registered with a lot of people. Fans can get behind that underdog who constantly has to overcome.”

Becky Lynch’s heel run would end following her loss to Bianca Belair at SummerSlam 2022. Lynch injured her shoulder during the match after taking a Jaded (Grand Slam) from the EST. The two women then stood side by side against Bayley’s new faction, Damage CTRL.

The next night on Raw, Lynch announced that she’d be taking some time away from the ring and praised Belair on her way out. Recent reports suggested ‘The Man’ won’t be returning before the end of 2022.

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