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Becky Lynch Posts Hilarious Tweets Trolling WWE Universe

Becky Lynch

Amidst much speculation regarding her potential return to the ring, despite only recently giving birth, Becky Lynch would hilariously troll the WWE Universe during the Royal Rumble Match.

With less than ten entrants to go during the Women’s Royal Rumble Match, The Man would take to Twitter to post a photo of a set of curtains reminiscent of those which would be seen from Gorilla Position in the transition from backstage to arena.

While Twitter was whipped into a frenzy, with the WWE account asking, “Does this mean what we think it means?” Lynch would allow just enough time for the WWE Universe to run wild with rumour before tweeting her response:

“Oh no, my bad. I just thought it was a really nice picture of a curtain.”

The Women’s Royal Rumble Match, meanwhile, was won by Bianca Belair, who Lynch would go on to congratulate while thanking fans for their birthday wishes.

Former RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch would welcome her first child, with former WWE Champion Seth Rollins, to the world last month. At this point, there is no official news as to if or when Lynch will return to the ring.

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