“This You?” – Becky Lynch Once Roasted Vince Russo Over Comments About Her

Becky Lynch

Last month saw tension thicken between Becky Lynch and Vince Russo.

Vince Russo took to Twitter in an attempt to clear up a Sportskeeda Wrestling interview that he did speaking about WWE Superstars and their attire on programming. The problem was: Professional wrestlers, such as Becky Lynch, had a hold of the transcript of that interview where he was heavily criticizing wrestlers, including Lynch, calling them “stupid.” Well, “The Man” took offense, shooting back at the former WWE and WCW writer.

Becky Lynch Once Burned Vince Russo

While receiving backlash for his comments, Vince Russo posted on Twitter that wrestlers should “probably invest in your wardrobe-switch every week,” and then proceeded to tag several WWE Superstars, including Becky Lynch, her husband Seth Rollins and Charlotte Flair.

“So pertaining to @itsBayleyWWE, as a TV Critic, I made the statement that if u WANT to bea TV STAR u have 2 LOOK like a TV STAR, which means u should probably invest in your wardrobe-switch it up every week-aka @BeckyLynchWWE, @WWERollins, @BiancaBelair, @MsCharlotteWWE (PT. 1)?”

Becky Lynch didn’t take kindly to Vince Russo’s comments, especially considering she had the transcript of what it was that Russo exactly said.

Becky Lynch tweeted, “This you @THEVinceRusso ?,” along with the Sportskeeda transcript that read:

“What are Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch trying to do with their wardrobe? Bro, you know they’re dressing ridiculously. She’s wearing her hair ridiculously. They’re doing that to pop people in the back. The last time I saw Rollins on RAW, he was Monday Night Messiah. So I don’t know, like, what was the transition that turned him into Seth the Clown. And Becky was The Man. Where is the transition of these characters so drastically changing? They’re doing it to pop each other but we’re not in on the joke. That’s why the fans were chanting to Rollins, ‘You look stupid.’ Yeah bro, you look stupid. They’re being 100 percent serious.”

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