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Becky Lynch Mocks Tony Khan With Parody Tweet

Becky Lynch

Former Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch poked fun at AEW President Tony Khan on social media after Khan caused a stir about Twitter bots.

Tony Khan took to Twitter and caused a stir once again before Rampage as he went off on the anti-AEW community. The All Elite Wrestling boss posted a series of tweets slamming those who slander the company, claiming them to be an “army of bots”. Khan claims that this was revealed following an independent study.

Khan continued as the evening progressed, posing the question of why so many of these accounts’ social media activity is strictly retweets and replies. As he plugged the evening’s episode of Rampage, featuring Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler YUTA, he noted that their “boiler room staff” would be working overtime.

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch has responded to Khan’s claims with one of her own, that the fans booing her are all bots as well:

“An independent study confirmed that much of the staunch anti – Becky in arena booers aren’t real individuals, it’s a staff running thousands of A.I. – an army of bots! Look closely, these aren’t real people. Who’d pay for such a “wildly” expensive thing?”

AEW’s own Evil Uno also got in on the fun suggesting any anti-Evil Uno sentiment online couldn’t possibly be real:

“An independent study has confirmed that much of the staunch anti-Evil Uno online community aren’t real, it’s a staff running thousands of accounts + an army of bots to signal boost them. Look closely, these aren’t real people. While Evil Uno has your attention, if you are anti-LGTBQ+, get the hell off my feed. Only good human beings are allowed to interact with Evil Uno.”