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Becky Lynch Recalls Being “Convinced” She Would Be Fired During NXT Run

Becky Lynch

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has recalled fearing that she would be fired from NXT on a weekly basis, saying she was “constantly” on the chopping block.

Becky Lynch signed with WWE in 2013, competing in NXT for two years before moving to the main roster in July 2015. However, Lynch’s road to WWE had been far from straightforward.

While wrestling in Germany in 2006, the would-be star sustained what turned out to be a serious head injury. As a result she was out of action for seven years, before deciding to resume her career and push to make her way to WWE.

Speaking in a recent interview with Vicente Beltran of ViBe & Wrestling, Lynch recalled thinking her dream was over before she even made it to WWE. Not that she felt any overwhelming job security when she did finally begin competing in NXT.

“I gave up for seven years, so I thought that part of the journey was over. I thought it was dead. To have overcome that and then constantly been on the chopping block in NXT. I was convinced every week that I was going to get fired,”

“To overcome that and then to make it to the main roster and be told that I’m the most irrelevant girl in the division. Then to overcome that and to eventually main event WrestleMania and to continue on. Then go away and have a kid and then come back and still be on top. So, there’s been lots of hurdles, it hasn’t been a straight shot at all,” she said. “I feel very grateful from where I came from to where I am now. I never lose sight of that.”

Becky Lynch is currently preparing to take on Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series. The match will take place against a backdrop of both professional and personal rivalry. After a well-documented backstage confrontation after an episode of SmackDown, Lynch has taken aim at Flair in a series of recent interviews.

During an appearance on on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Lynch said she had been “purposefully disrespected” by rival.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.