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Becky Lynch Told Charlotte Flair “Go Cry About It” After Survivor Series Win

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair

The bout between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair may have wound up going in Lynch’s favour but the ill-feeling between the two women looks to be going nowhere.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was able to defeat her SmackDown counterpart, Charlotte Flair – albeit in dubious circumstances – in a bout that came after weeks of verbal battles between the two women.

Lynch was initially emotional after her victory but when she caught up with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport after her match, Big Time Becks was more bullish:

“Before we went out, I got very emotional just because of the journey we went through that we were the best of friends and we’ve been through everything together and when I went out there, I just wanted to rip her head off. I wanted to hurt her as much as I possibly could. That’s a lot of emotion because I wanted to maim her and hurt her. That’s somebody I used to be so close to.”

“I told you how this has gone so sour and I don’t think it really hit me until tonight how sad that all is. We went out there and killed each other and hit each other as hard as we could and we wanted to hurt each other. I told her I’m the better person and she can’t accept it so she’s going to cry to her dad and cry to everybody else, but there’s no denying it now. It started in Brooklyn and it ended in Brooklyn.”

SummerSlam 2018 took place in Brooklyn and that is where Becky Lynch launched her ill-fated heel turn when she attacked Charlotte Flair. The fans continued to rally behind Lynch, however, and instead of a villain, The Man was born.

Lynch was then asked if things were now over between the two women:

“Unless she wants to try again, but I don’t know how many times I need to prove I’m the better woman. She’s strong, so strong, and hits so hard, but I couldn’t quit. When I was in the armbar, I said, ‘You better break it because I’m not tapping.’ It was very hard. There might not be anybody that hits as hard as Charlotte. To overcome everything. It didn’t matter how I beat her, I’m just glad I beat her.”

“I would have liked to tap her out or pin her or knock her out, but a win is a win. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t make her tap, knock her head against the canvas, knock her out, that I didn’t get the three count. I’m a little disappointed about that. I got the three count, but not the way I wanted.”

Becky Lynch then referenced the media circus that built up around her and Flair, with The Nature Boy Ric Flair also sending comments Lynch’s way:

“When you’re going in with this much animosity, it’s so much stress because you have so much hatred and carrying around that hatred is hard for anybody. Knowing there is people out there that hate you as much as I hate her. It’s a lot of hatred and animosity.”

Carrying that around for a full week. Her dad is coming at me. The whole thing was very stressful and I’m trying to do all these appearances and get these workouts in, but I was very distracted all week.”

A sign of the animosity between Lynch and Flair not being anywhere near over came when Becky Lynch explained what she said to Charlotte Flair after the bout:

“I said ‘go cry about it. You can talk your sh*t, but I’m better than you.’ I said a lot of stuff.”

h/t Fightful