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Becky Lynch Says “There Was Some Weirdness” In Her Raw Women’s Champion Run

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is one of the biggest names in wrestling. Her superstardom led to the main event of WrestleMania 35, where she became a double champion and the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion of all time.

Despite her myriad of accomplishments, there were some moments of her history-making title run that left some members of the WWE Universe scratching their heads.

Becky Lynch was a recent guest on Out of Character with Ryan Satin. During the interview, Lynch spoke about her journey to the Raw Women’s Championship and the challenges she faced after reaching the top of the WWE mountain:

“That was a little bit more difficult because, well, so I went from the main event of WrestleMania to then the next night, I had to make a star out of Lacey [Evans], and so then I was tasked with that,”

“And that, you know, the audience didn’t know her. And so that was hard because I’d gone from fighting from underneath to being the top star to then all of a sudden, I’m the top star,and now I’ve got to bring somebody else up with me. And the audience doesn’t know her, and she was, you know, she hasn’t wrestled for very long. And so that was hard doing that.

“And then finding the right opponents in that mix to go there. And then we went from Lacey to Sasha, and Sasha’s so established and she’s great, and the audience loves her, loves to hate her, they still liked me, and so I got a few good matches in there with her. But then it went into a weird tag team run with me and Charlotte [Flair] because they were trying to book both of us on top but we’re opposing…there was some weirdness in there.”

The “weirdness” Lynch mentions is in reference to the storyline that saw her and Charlotte Flair team up despite being enemies. The duo unsuccessfully challenged the Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships on Monday Night Raw and at Extreme Rules.

Becky Lynch went on to say that although the storyline didn’t make sense, it was up to them as performers to make it work:

“Not all the stories you have are gonna be home runs, I suppose, is my point. There’s gonna be some ones that don’t hit. But the thing is, you try with everyone to have it be a home run. You’re never going, ‘Let me phone this story in. Who’s this person? Don’t care about her, the audience doesn’t care about her, I don’t care about her.’

“No, you’ve gotta find a reason that you care, to make the audience care about them, and to try and make it be the best story that you can give, even if it’s not gonna be the best story that you’ve ever had. You want every story to be the best story that you’ve ever had.”

Becky Lynch is currently the SmackDown Women’s Champion and defends the title against Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks in a Triple Threat match at Crown Jewel on October 21st.

H/T to WrestleZone for the transcription.