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Becky Lynch Calls Out Beth Phoenix, Hall Of Famer Hits Back

Becky Lynch

After Beth Phoenix returned at WWE Day 1, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch wasted little time in calling out the Hall of Famer.

WWE Day 1 was a night of surprises, with the show going off the air with Brock Lesnar holding the WWE Championship aloft. But that wasn’t the only shock on the night, as Beth Phoenix returned to help her husband Edge overcome The Miz.

In the wake of her reappearance, the WWE Hall of Famer was called out on social media by Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. On the night, the Irish Superstar saw off the challenge of Liv Morgan, who once again came within inches of victory on more than one occasion.

After the event, Phoenix shared a photo of herself with Edge posing in the ring. Never one to miss an opportunity to cause a little mischief, Lynch replied “So… wanna fight some time?” However, while Lynch may have seen the opportunity for a dream match with the WWE legend, Phoenix dismissed ‘Big Time Becks’ simply saying she was busy.

Becky Lynch remained in typically feisty mood as she also took a shot at another Hall of Famer, in the shape of Ric Flair. The pair have repeatedly traded barbs in recent months, something which stems from Lynch’s heated rivalry with Charlotte Flair ahead of Survivor Series.

Posting on social media, Lynch shared a photo of herself with Hip Hop group Migos, who had appeared at Day 1. The Man wrote that the group should record a track called “Big Time Drip.”

A comment in reference to Offset’s 2017 track “Ric Flair Drip.”