Becky Lynch Recalls The Biggest Lesson She Learned Whilst Training With Finn Balor

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Becky Lynch has come a long way since taking her first steps into the wrestling industry back in the early 2000’s. Interestingly, she was helped along with those early steps by a man who was on his own way to wrestling stardom Finn Balor.

The former Raw Women’s Champion began training with Balor in mid-2002 after the would-be star opened a wrestling school alongside Paul Tracey. After gaining experience, Lynch started making appearances across the world on the independent scene, but it was a lesson from Balor and Tracey that remained with her.

Becky Lynch Reveals Advice From Finn Balor

Hosting an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit back in 2018, Lynch was asked about the most important advice she’s been given by the pair.

“They taught me to always hold myself to the highest standard, regardless of circumstances.”

While enjoying a run of relative success across the independent circuit, Lynch suffered a head injury in the summer of 2006, which caused her to take a six-year hiatus from the ring. Aside from a few occasional matches Lynch didn’t properly throw herself back into wrestling until signing with WWE in April 2013. From here she eventually rose to the top of NXT, arriving on the main roster two years later.

Since her debut on Raw,Becky Lynch has feuded with the best women’s wrestlers that WWE has to offer while also becoming one of the biggest stars in the entire company. At the time of the AMA above, the star was wrapped up in a feud with Charlotte Flair which saw the pair meet in a Last Woman Standing Match at WWE Evolution. The only ever all-female pay-per-view in WWE history.

At time of writing Lynch is out of action with a shoulder injury that she suffered at SummerSlam in defeat to Bianca Belair. It is unclear when she will be returning to the ring.