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Becky Lynch On Beth Phoenix – “I Think She’s Scared To Fight Me”

Becky Lynch vs Beth Phoenix

Becky Lynch has called out WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix for a match, adding that she would “love” to take on the former WWE Women’s Champion.

With Beth Phoenix due to return to the ring this Saturday at the WWE Royal Rumble in a Mixed Tag Team Match against Miz and Maryse, teaming with her husband and fellow Hall of Famer Edge, it looks like an old rivalry may be renewed soon – and in an even more physical fashion than before.

Following Beth Phoenix’s WWE return at Day 1, Lynch asked Phoenix if she wanted to fight sometime, only to get the response, “Busy” from the former NXT commentator.

Speaking with WWE UK ahead of the Royal Rumble, Becky Lynch took aim at WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and attempted to light a spark under the rivalry.

“I’ve been tweeting that frickin’ Beth Phoenix trying to get her to fight me for years. She keeps saying no, she keeps dodging it. I think she’s scared. Yes. Yes I would love to fight Beth Phoenix.”

The rivalry, of course, dates all the way back to 2019 when Becky Lynch and Edge were involved in a war of words on Twitter after Big Time Becks barbed that Edge should leave the ring as he couldn’t wrestle due to his neck injury at SmackDown 1000 – just months before the Rated-R Superstar made his triumphant return to the ring.

Following that, Edge was engaged in a bitter on-screen rivalry with Seth Rollins, however Becky Lynch and Beth Phoenix remained largely peripheral to the feud. Might we finally see Becky Lynch and Beth Phoenix going one-on-one?

Watch WWE Royal Rumble 2022 live on the WWE Network – and via Peacock in the United States – on Saturday, January 29th, 2022. Find out everything you need to know ahead of the event here.