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Becky Lynch Lifts Lid On Infamous Belt Exchange With Charlotte Flair

Becky Lynch throws title belt at Charlotte Flair

Becky Lynch has revealed exactly what was supposed to go down during the belt exchange between herself and Charlotte Flair on SmackDown in October.

During the 2021 WWE Draft, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was drafted to Monday Night Raw and Raw Champion Charlotte Flair was drafted to SmackDown. This meant that the two champions were on the ‘wrong’ show.

To remedy the situation, a belt exchange was proposed between the pair, which as the title suggests would have seen the two women simply change their titles. However, the segment got spectacularly out of hand.

Charlotte Flair dropped her title to the floor instead of handing it to Lynch, which left the Irish woman incensed as Flair had abandoned the script, as Lynch felt she might. Once backstage the pair got into a heated argument, and Flair was escorted from the building.

Across the following weeks, it became clear that the former friends were now anything but, and a war of words ensued on television and social media. The real life animosity and on-screen rivalry culminated at Survivor Series.

Appearing on Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin, Lynch explained what should have happened that night on SmackDown, admitting that she lost her head during the confrontation.

“It should’ve been easy… It should’ve been a straightforward thing. We were supposed to exchange the titles. I grab it out of her hand unknowingly, I’m ‘Becky Two Belts’ for a second then I toss her the title, then she tells Sonya (Deville) to pick it up, then she challenges me to a fight, and I back out of it and I go. So everybody was supposed to get their moment there.”

“I told some people that this isn’t what’s going to happen,” Lynch said. “When I try to grab it, she’s going to drop it, and that’s what happened. And so, when all that was going on, I was just fuming. Mostly because I knew in advance that was what was going to win and I had no way to stop it. And anyway we talked about going into business for yourself and I lost my head a bit.”

Continuing on, Lynch broke down how that real-life tension made the story heading into Survivor Series so much more interesting.

“People were excited to see us go at it, and we went at it,” Lynch recalled. “In that, capitalized on that real emotion of once being best friends and now absolutely despising each other and we wanted to rip each other’s heads off. I think when you’ve got real emotions, you’ve got truth behind it, it makes for an interesting story.”

On the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch came to the ring to confront Royal Rumble winner and long-time rival Ronda Rousey. While it was Rousey who came out on top, Lynch was quickly interrupted by WWE Hall of Famer Lita who challenged her to a match at Elimination Chamber.

Meanwhile, Ronda Rousey is heading to SmackDown on February 4th where she will announce who she will face at WrestleMania 38.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.