Becky Lynch And WWE Hall Of Famer Make Huge Challenge On Raw

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch gate-crashed a special edition of Ding Dong Hello! and she brought along a friend.

The segment began with Bayley introducing her guests Damage CTRL. The former Women’s Champion ran down the crowd and declared that IYO SKY and Dakota Kai were the best Women’s Tag Team Champions of all time.

After hugs all around, Dakota Kai got on the microphone and started to run down all of the women they had beaten. Once she got to Becky Lynch, The Man decided it was time to make her presence felt.

Lynch wasted little time in running down the champions, saying that it had been so long since they defended the titles that they were getting dusty. She added that the pair wouldn’t be able to coast to WrestleMania without defending the titles. While Bayley laughed that Lynch had no friends to challenge for the titles with, she said there was one person she had in mind, and Lita’s music hit.

Bayley hilariously asked the pair to enter her set through the door before laughing at Lita because she “doesn’t work here.”

Lynch and Lita then went to work goading the trio and eventually Bayley accepted the match on behalf of Kai and SKY, something they didn’t seem to appreciate. The Man and the WWE Hall of Famer stole the belts to pose with them before eventually tossing them back.

It was then confirmed that the match will take place on the February 27th episode of Raw.

Has Becky Lynch Ever Held The Women’s Tag Team Titles?

Becky Lynch is a six-time women’s champion, but she has never held the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Meanwhile, Lita is a four-time champion and WWE Hall of Famer, and she has also never held tag team gold. The legend made her most recent return to the company on February 6th when she helped Lynch defeat Bayley in a huge Steel Cage match.