Becky Lynch Calls Charlotte Flair “An A**hole”, Claims She Was “Purposefully Disrespected”

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has opened up about the infamous title exchange with Charlotte Flair and says she “verbally lost it” when the two women got backstage.

With Lynch holding the SmackDown Women’s Title and Flair holding Raw’s title, the two women were due to swap belts after being sent to the opposing brand during the WWE Draft.

On SmackDown, Sonya Deville presided over the swap of belts between The Man and The Queen and things appeared to go down south quickly. Reports suggested that Lynch at some point was due to hold both title belts in a nod to ‘Becky Two Belts’ but instead Flair appeared to drop her title to the canvas rather than let Lynch grab it.

Further reports afterward suggested the two women had got into a verbal altercation in the backstage area in front of Vince McMahon. While Deville was said to be “mad enough to want to fight” Charlotte Flair afterwards.

Now in an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani Becky Lynch has discussed the issue in detail and has not held back, saying she had a feeling that Flair wasn’t going to play ball:

“There was a plan in place that was supposed to go one way and if it went one way then everyone would have had a moment and it would have been great. I, in the back, said ‘This isn’t going to happen, she’s gonna do something out there’ and she did exactly what I said she was gonna do.”

“Sometimes things can happen out there and people can get carried away in a moment and you don’t have time to process what happens, but when I knew she was going to purposefully disrespect me, I processed it a lot quicker. I was able to hold it together until I got backstage, I did what I was supposed to do, and then when I got backstage I lost it a little bit.”

“I lost it. I lost it verbally. I had to go out and do the dark match right after so I verbally lost it and I still had a match to go and do so I didn’t have time to be scrapping in the back.”

Becky Lynch then confirmed that she lost it to Charlotte and says “people were talked to” following the events but Lynch believes she was right.

Lynch followed up by saying she believes the events were “ridiculous” given the segment was designed to build up a story between Flair and Sasha Banks:

“Look it was supposed to go a certain way and when I saw it happening, I was like ‘Ahh, I knew it, I knew it.’ I told people beforehand that this was what was gonna happen, she was gonna make it really hard to do this angle and then it happened so I just lost it.”

“I was able to process it because I knew this was gonna happen, I knew that I wasn’t gonna be able to do my thing and there was just no need for it because at the end of the day it wasn’t about me. It was about Sasha and her getting into something and I was like ‘This is just stupid, this is just ridiculous.’”

Becky Lynch then discusses how important trust is in the world of pro wrestling after previously mentioning that she no longer trusts Flair in another interview:

“We need to go out there and be able to trust each other because that’s what this is. We need to be able to trust that one person is gonna do what they said they were gonna do because otherwise we’ll be doing [MMA].”

“But we’re not doing [MMA], it’s professional wrestling and it’s a beautiful art that I love more than anything and I love it for what it is. It’s telling stories through violence essentially and when somebody goes out and you can’t trust them to do what we’ve agreed on doing, then what are we doing?”

“Our bodies are in people’s hands. What we do is extremely dangerous and we’re trusting somebody with our lives… Obviously, this segment wasn’t trusting somebody with our lives but it’s the meaning behind it. It’s happened with other things and I just need to be able to trust somebody and when it happens to other people, maybe they can’t say something but I can say something because I’m not scared.”

Lynch then answered yes to the questions of Charlotte Flair being difficult to work with and if she’s dreading getting in the ring with Flair at Survivor Series. The Irish star then said the issues between the two stem from her rise as The Man in 2019:

“We don’t like each other. We used to. My star was rising. We were the best of friends. It all worked when she was on top and I was below. We could all see the way things were going in 2019. She couldn’t take that and hasn’t been able to ever since.”

Becky Lynch also recently took issue with Charlotte Flair’s assertion that she’s treated differently because she’s a woman. Lynch initially said on social media that gender had nothing to do with it but she has now added to that assertion, saying:

“It’s because you’re an a**hole.”

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