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Bea Priestley Signs With WWE, Debuts In NXT UK

Bea Priestley

Bea Priestley has officially signed with WWE, debuting on NXT UK under the name Blair Davenport.

Priestley’s arrival was teased on the June 24th episode of NXT UK where a video was shown with a figure signing an NXT UK contract with the name Blair Davenport. However, the figure’s face remained hidden.

On the July 1st edition of the show, another video clip was shown, this time with the mystery star revealed their identity. In the clip, Priestley said that she had sacrificed everything to make it to “the greatest women’s division on earth.”

“I have wrestled all around the world. I have sacrificed everything to get to where I am today. I have given up friends, I have given up family, to master what I do. Did you really think that I wouldn’t end up a part of the greatest women’s division on earth? Blair Davenport has arrived in NXT UK.”

In signing with WWE, Bea Priestley has become the first full-time wrestler to move from AEW to WWE. The British star initially joined AEW in 2019 where she clashed with Britt Baker. AEW announced her release in March of last year due to the global pandemic.

It was rumoured Priestly had signed for WWE after she bode farewell to Japan earlier this year.

Priestley had returned to STARDOM in September when travel restrictions lifted. She made an instant impact by winning the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Title from Momo Watanabe.

She continued her quest for gold by winning the trios tag and the tag team titles. Priestley announced her departure from the Joshi promotion after an unsuccessful title challenge against Utami Hayashishita.