Bea Priestley Set To Challenge For The Red Belt In Yokohama

Bea Priestley is set to challenge for Utami Hayashishita’s World of Stardom Championship, otherwise known as ‘The Red Belt’, at Stardom’s Yokohama Dream Cinderella card on April 4th.

The former AEW star has made no secret of her desire to regain the Red Belt, having confronted Utami following her title defense against Saya Kamitani at the All Star Dream Cinderella.

Priestley previously held the belt back in 2019, where she recorded a 184 day title reign before conceding to company ace Mayu Iwatani.

Iwatani’s successor, Utami Hayashishita, has held the belt for upwards of 100 days now and has notched three title defenses thus far, versus Momo Watanabe, Maika and the aforementioned, Saya.

Elsewhere on the card, the STARS and Oedo Tai factions will collide in a ‘Full War’ 5 on 5 elimination match, where the last wrestler to be beaten will be forced to join the opposing group.

Oedo Tai will field Natsuko Tora, Saki Kashima, Konami, Ruaka and Rina, whilst STARS will be comprised of Mayu Iwatani, Starlight Kid, Saya Iida, Hanan and Gokigen.

Tam Nakano will make the first defense of her Wonder of Stardom Championship, as she battles High Speed Champion, Natuspoi.

Tam’s Cosmic Angels teammates both have tough assignments ahead of them, as Unagi Sakaya faces Saya Kamitani and Mina Shirakawa takes on Momo Watanabe.

Be sure to check back for further details on the Yokohama Dream Cinderella card, as they are announced.