Bayley’s Injury Status Remains Uncertain


The situation around Bayley remains unclear, and there’s no word on when she’ll be back in the ring.

At a WWE live event on July 16th in Maryland, Bayley took on Asuka and Charlotte Flair, however, things didn’t go quite to plan. The star appeared to stumble awkwardly over Asuka and immediately began clutching her knee.

Referee Jessika Carr immediately threw up the “X” symbol to signal that the star was injured, and she was quickly taken backstage by officials. While there was no word on the exact nature of the injury, the star was seen leaving the arena under her own steam and without crutches, while she shared an update on social media commenting that she’ll be alright.

A new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider has revealed that WWE is still waiting for the results of tests to come back and the details of the injury are still uncertain.

I was told that they were waiting to get some medical tests back so they could properly diagnose and decide on a course of action. I would hope the fact she walked out of the arena that night under her own power, even limping, is a good sign.

Has Bayley Struggled With Knee Injuries Before?

The injury comes almost a year after Bayley returned to action after suffering a torn ACL. The star suffered the injury in the lead-up to Money In The Bank in 2021 as she was preparing to take on Bianca Belair.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion wouldn’t return to WWE until SummerSlam 2022 when she confronted Belair and Becky Lynch alongside Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky.