Bayley Wants Serena Deeb In Dream Match

Bayley Thumb

Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, has put her name at the front of the queue for a dream match with NWA World Women’s Champion, Serena Deeb.

Replying to a tweet from Shazza McKenzie who opined that Deeb would be her first choice for a fight after AEW Full Gear, Bayley simply stated that she was first in line which got tongues wagging.

Serena Deeb existed in WWE before the name Bayley even came about, meaning the pair never met in the ring even though Deeb did serve as trainer at the WWE Performance Centre prior to signing with AEW so the pair have at least met.

It’s hard to see Deeb turning down such a bout either, considering her recent comments about the AEW women’s division during the AEW Full Gear Media Scrum on Saturday.

All for integration between companies in order to breed the best competition for a thriving division, Deeb had this to say about the league she currently sits at the summit of:

“I think the AEW women’s roster is really growing, and it has so much potential. With people coming in from the outside — when you’re in wrestling, it only helps you to wrestle other people, other women, and other men. It just helps you the more you get in the ring with different people. You become a more well-rounded wrestler. I think with this partnership and different women coming in, and different women going elsewhere, it’s going to benefit everybody. I think the fans are really excited about it, too, and it keeps it very interesting.”

Serena Deeb successfully retained her NWA World Women’s Championship against Allysin Kay at AEW Full Gear. Following the bout she was confronted by former champion, Thunder Rosa.

Bayley failed to regain her WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship from Sasha Banks on the blue brand this past Friday.