Bayley Pictured In Leg Brace As Injury Uncertainty Continues

Bayley Extreme Rules

Bayley appears to be in good spirits so hopefully fans won’t have to “brace” themselves for more concern regarding her injury.

The WWE star got tripped up during a July 16 live event match and the “X” was thrown up as she was quickly taken backstage by officials. Bayley later calmed the storm of worry from fans, stating that she’d be alright, but the star hasn’t wrestled since. On Wednesday, a joyous Bayley shared a photo of herself on her Instagram story with her two cats as the felines caused some chaos in her kitchen. She then followed that up with evidence of her watching The Office.

What Could Be Next For Bayley?

Although in the brace, it was reported that Bayley did walk out of the arena on July 16 under her own power, so there could be positive signals that the injury is short-term, the brace is just a precaution or both. However, after over a week, there has been no confirmation as to what her injury entails.

Despite the potential speed bump, Bayley has continued playing into her potential tension with Iyo Sky. Previously on her social media she shared a photo of her being friendly with Sky, but her Damage CTRL comrade wasn’t as reciprocative. She also bailed on Sky during SmackDown courtesy of Shotzi.

The battle between the two partners began in the ring at Money In The Bank as Bayley was being self-serving in the bout before Iyo ended up returning the favor by handcuffing her to Becky Lynch, climbing on top of Bayley and pulling down the briefcase.