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Bayley Opens Up About Not Being On WrestleMania 37 Card


Bayley has revealed that she doesn’t know why she isn’t on the card for WrestleMania 37, saying that she pitched ideas for an appearance at the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’.

When asked about the situation by Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, the multi-time WWE Women’s Champion said that “it just didn’t happen”. However, she hinted that there was still the possibility she would make it to the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’, even if she had to make it happen herself.

“I cannot give you an honest answer, dude. I don’t know. I’m sorry guys, it just didn’t happen. Even if there was something, I don’t know if I would tell you guys to spoil it. But yeah, it’s OK. I’ll be here for a long time. I might just jump the barricade and steal my own moment if they won’t give me one. I’ll just steal it.”

Bayley, who held the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship for 380 days between October 2019 and October 2020, explained that she had pitched ideas, including a non-title grudge match, but it wasn’t to be.

“I’ve pitched for stuff for this past WrestleMania just because there has been so many instances this past year where the pitches have gone through and it becomes easier to talk to certain people. My brain actually started working developing the more experienced I got [laughs]. So yeah, there’s always ideas like that. I don’t know how it goes for other people, but it’s definitely open. I would have loved to have had a non-title match at WrestleMania. Just a grudge type of match. Something that meant, not more than a title, but was a little deeper than a title.”

However, Bayley is looking at the bright side that, while she isn’t going to be performing at WrestleMania herself, the women’s division is being featured at the ‘Show of Shows’.

“But, there’s always next year. I’m just so happy that more women are going to be represented and I know the two title matches are going to be killer so we can’t really be bummed out about it, we got to look at the bright side I guess”

At last year’s WrestleMania 36, Bayley successfully defended the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship in a Fatal Five-Way Elimination Match, outlasting Sasha Banks, Lacey Evans, Naomi, and Tamina.

Credit to talkSPORT for the transcription.