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Bayley Names WWE Legend As Her Dream Opponent

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Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, has named her all-time dream opponent from the company’s roster of yesteryear.

In the last few years, ‘The Role Model’ has taken on almost all of the promotion’s current ledger with her most famous interactions coming against former Horsewomen, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. There is one name that slipped the net, however.

Speaking on Table Talk with D-Von, ‘The Role Model’ chatted about several subjects but none were more prevalent than who would be Bayley’s dream opponent if she could cherry pick one name from the history of the industry:

“Lita has always been a dream opponent just because she’s somebody I never been in the ring with. Which is crazy to say now, but we’ve been in a 10-woman tag match before, and this was the night after Evolution. That was so insane.

She did the moonsault. I did the elbow off the top and we did Twist of Fates. It was so crazy, but I want a match against her because she’s the one who helped me realize my dreams. She made me really see women who look different and dress differently can make it in this business and be successful. So, I would love to just pay that back to her, pay that to my 12-year-old self and have that dream match.”

The bout Bayley mentioned occurred on the October 29, 2018, Monday Night Raw when Bayley, Lita, Sasha Banks, Trish Stratus and Natalya defeated The Riott Squad, Mickie James and Alicia Fox.

However, her choice of foe is somewhat ironic as her former best friend, Sasha Banks, has always dreamt of a singles outing with Lita’s best friend and iconic rival, Trish Stratus.

Recently on WWE television, Bayley has moved away from her rivalry with ‘The Boss’ over the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship and into a placeholder tale with the exponentially popular Bianca Belair on Friday evenings.