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Bayley Comments On Rumours Of A Becky Lynch Return At WrestleMania

Bayley Becky Lynch

Bayley has commented on the rumours that swirled over WrestleMania weekend that Becky Lynch was set to make her comeback to WWE on ‘The Grandest Stage Of Them All.’

Lynch announced on the May 11th 2020 episode of Raw that she was pregnant and would be taking her leave from WWE. She presented Asuka with the Raw Women’s Championship after The Empress of Tomorrow had won the Money In The Bank briefcase the night before.

Becky Lynch and fiancé Seth Rollins announced the birth of their first child, a daughter named Roux in December of 2020.

Fans have been clamouring to see the Irishwoman return to the squared circle, with Lynch fueling rumours of an imminent return on social media before WrestleMania 37.

Lynch had Tweeted a photo of herself training accompanied by a caption where the first letters spelt out ‘Night One,’ in an apparent reference to WrestleMania Saturday.

Rumours over WrestleMania weekend said that Lynch’s return to WWE could involve Bayley, with the ‘Role Models’ Ding Dong Hello show mooted as an opportunity to re-introduce ‘The Man’ to WWE audiences.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Bayley mockingly gave her take on those rumours:

“I think it’s just wishful thinking, and I think it’s just people ready to see Becky back and ready to see me get my butt kicked, I guess,” Bayley said. “But that’s not gonna happen because she didn’t come back, suckers!”

When the former double champion does return, Bayley expects to cross paths with her at some point:

“Yeah, I mean, I’m sure it’ll happen sometime. We both have some time left here and we both still have a lot of things we want to do. I’m sure she has a list of things she wants to do, and the last time I think we were in the ring together may have been when I beat her up with a chair, maybe a few times after that, but I’m sure she’s ready to get her hands on me, and I’ll be ready because I’ve been doing a lot since she’s been gone. This is consistent Bayley right here. No time off for me. I’ve been making moves, Becky Lynch!”

Bayley has also recently touted an AEW star as a future champion along with AEW EVP Cody Rhodes.

Credit: Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Rich Ucchino